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  • Hotel Guests: That "Free" Stuff Might Cost You

    Lots of travelers these days are getting a rude wake-up call with their hotel bills: Unexpected charges for amenities they thought were free. Some are facing surchages just for having certain amenities available. More >>
  • Global Positioning Systems: Where Are You NOW?

    Open the glove compartment of any well-traveled vehicle and you're likely to find a map or two mashed inside, perhaps with some spilled coffee stains, maybe a few holes from poor folding technique.  Soon, those ratty old maps could become obsolete, thanks to advances in Global Positioning Systems (GPS) technology. More >>
  • Hotel Safety for Children

    It's time for summer vacations, and many people fill up the nation's hotels -- either on their way to a vacation-spot destination or as the primary destination of their summer getaway. When staying at a hotel or motel with children, it's wise to enforce the same safety and security rules you employ at home.More >>
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  • Shop Wisely for Calcium Supplements

    Before you pop another calcium tablet into your mouth, be aware of what else might be in it. Researchers are urging calcium-takers to choose calcium supplements that do not contain lead.
    - Sources of Calcium
    More >>
  • The 411 on Directory Assistance

    TRAC report: A consumer-oriented telecommunications groups finds that fees for directory information -- which used to be free, remember? -- are rising.  Before you dial 411 or 555-1212 or similar services, know what the charges will be.More >>
  • Kids Flying Solo: Plan Ahead, Hope for the Best

    Holidays and summer vacations are ripe times for countless children to fly by themselves to distant cities to visit relatives, divorced parents and friends.  If you think flying as an adult is scary, think how frightening it can be for a little one to hop a plane.More >>
  • New Developments in Online Photo Processing

     The era of digital cameras and one-hour photo processing goes even a step further with services that develop your photos and store them online -- for you, or for you to share with the rest of the world. More >>
  • Deceptive Marketing Practices Around Home Equity Loans

    Click through for a look at deceptive marketing practices that often surround home equity loans, and why the FTC is cracking down on questionable lenders. What to watch for, how to determine if you should even take out a loan.More >>
  • Medical Mistakes

    It happens more frequently than you might think: the doctor prescribes the wrong medicine, misdiagnoses an illness or operates on the wrong body part. Here's how to protect yourself from medical mistakes. More >>
  • Buyers Guide to Tires: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

    For a year, tire recalls have occupied the headlines, with deadly tales of separated tread, highway accidents and tire recalls by Firestone, Bridgestone, Goodyear and others. Now, Ford has dumped Firestone in favor of Goodyear as its tire provider. More >>
  • You've Invest a Ton on an Upcoming Vacation: Do you Need Travel Insurance, Too?

    Buying travel insurance is a lot like planning your own funeral: not many people want to think about the possibility. On the one hand are travel agents and insurance reps who warn that a big investment – sometimes thousands of dollars or more for foreign vacations or exotic cruises – ought to be financially protected from anything that could go wrong.More >>
  • On Hold With Corporate America

    How to Get Through to a Real Live Person

    Whether calling customer service or technical support, it's almost impossible to get someone on the line who will talk to you. There's no doubt voicemail is convenient, but in many cases it begs the question: "Convenient for whom?" More >>
  • Seems Simple, But It's Not

    A Warranty Is No Guarantee

    Consumers frequently complain when companies don't stand behind their warranties or make it difficult for items to be repaired. Here's what to know and what to do. More >>
  • Not Popular, But a Great Alternative

    Summer Travel? Take the Train

    If you're worried about air rage, road rage and rising gas prices this summer on vacation, why not take the train? More >>
  • What's Their Future?

    Future of the Pay Phone: Outta Here or Higher-Priced?

    Payphones: BellSouth is pulling the plug on its pay phones, while Qwest is upping the price of a pay-phone call to 50 cents. Observers think it's the future of the once-familiar pay phone: soon to be defunct because of modern wireless technology, or getting more expensive all the time.More >>
  • Frequent Frustration?

    Frequent Flyer Miles: Great, If You Can Use Them

    Frequent flyer miles have become like play money. They're plentiful -- and sometimes worthless when you want to use them. More >>
  • You're Ready…Is Your Car?

    Tune Up Your Car Before Taking Off on Vacation

    If you’ll be taking a weekend road trip or will be traveling the extensive highways and byways in search of summer fun, keep this in mind:  take care of your car, and it will take care of you. More >>
  • Putting Prices in Perspective

    Gas Prices Rising? It's Time to Conserve!

    Face it.  Buying gasoline these days hurts:  watching the dollar-and-cents digits flip wildly at the gas pump while the gallon digits plod by at half the speed.  Click here to learn to conserve. More >>
  • What They Are and How They Work

    Extended Warranties: Are They Worth it?

    You’ve just spent hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars on a big-screen television or home theater system.  You’ve done your homework:  you know you’re getting a good price. But then comes the final sales pitch:  “You’ll want our five-year extended warranty, right?” More >>
  • Gardening on the Cheap

    Economical Tips for a Lush Lawn, Garden

    A gardening addiction can bring untold hours of joy, beauty to your surroundings, and bushels of tasty food to your table. It can also bring bills the size of a mortgage payment, especially this time of year.  Click here for some guidelines for gardening on the cheap. More >>
  • An Alternative to Air Travel

    Ride the Rails for Summer Travel Adventure

    Take the train? Seats are roomier. Scenery can be enjoyed at a leisurely pace...and no threat of strikes by pilots, mechanics or flight attendants.  More >>
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