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Surgery for athletes

La Crosse, WI (WXOW) - Knee surgery is common among athletes, but hip surgery isn't.

Out of nowhere, Jennifer Vinovich was sidelined from golf by intense hip pain.

Vinovich said, "I had a really hard time getting up and down the stairs, and it was just really horrible pain in my hip and in my groin."

She had classic signs of hip impingement. It's caused when the ball and socket rub each other the wrong way.

Dr. Shane Nho said, "When you have these very subtle bony abnormalities, either on the ball side or the socket side, and these things start to rub up against each other, that's when you start to develop this impingement-type pain and this ultimately leads to labral tears."

Though many of us may have these bony bumps, the demands athletes put on their hips speeds up the injury process.

Dr. Shane Nho said, "When the hip comes into high flexion and rotational positions, this area of bony prominence, as well as this area of bony prominence, will abut one another and cause injury to the labrum which occurs right here."

Often surgery could end a sports career, but Dr.  Nho studied athletes who had arthroscopic hip surgery.

Dr. Nho said, "78% of them were able to return to play and over 90% were able to return back to the same level of competition that they had been previously."

Surgery, coupled with intensive rehab, helped get Jennifer back on course.

Doctor Nho is at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago and is one of a few orthopaedic surgeons who performs this surgery frequently.

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