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32nd Senate Recall cost estimates


LA CROSSE, Wisconsin (WXOW)-- With Wisconsin Senate recall petitions still being verified, communities in the 32nd Senate District are anticipating a recall for Senator Dan Kapanke.

On Thursday, News 19 spoke with La Crosse, Crawford, Monroe, Vernon, and Richland county officials about their estimated cost of a recall.

The county clerks in the 32nd Senate District estimate a recall will cost taxpayers around $111,000 dollars.

"It will include municipal costs, ballots quantities, publications, and everything that would be involved with it," said Ginny Dankmeyer, the county clerk for La Crosse County. 

"Whether we like the cost or whether we are for or against, this is one of those developments that indicates the we have a voice in government," said Viterbo University history professor, Keith Knutson.

Early cost estimates are:

La Crosse County: $50,000.00 (36 polling places)

Vernon County: 30, 564.00 (33 polling places)

Crawford County: $15,000.00 (27 polling places)

Monroe County:  $14, 000.00 (12 polling places)

Richland Counties: $1,000.00 (7 polling places)

Figures vary because each county has a different number of polling stations and has a different cost of printing ballots, publishing voting information, and programing ballot machines.

"The recall election will be the same as every other election. It is the same process. As soon as we know it is called there is going to be a time crunch to get it prepared, get ballots printed. It is no different than a normal election. We have to go through the same process. It is going to take a lot of time, a lot of money and a lot of effort to get it done," said Dankmeyer.

Another cost is if there is a primary election.

If there are more than two candidates, then we will have to have a preliminary election.

That will add to the cost and of course to the candidates and running campaigns.

County clerks says a primary election would most likely double the estimated cost.

Recall elections are not common in Wisconsin.

Only two Senators in state history have been removed through a recall election.

The last recall was in 2003, when Milwaukee Senator, Gary George lost a recall and in 1996, Senator George Petak lost his seat after voting for a sales tax for Miller Park.

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