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Hatfield, WI

Volunteers come up empty-handed on second day of search

It's day two of the search for 27-year Alisha Sidie and today her disappearance still remains a mystery.

Jackson County Sheriff Duane Waldera says, "We've done a pretty good job of covering a lot of area now, but still coming up short on information and the whereabouts of Alisha."

Jordann Ojanpa says, "This has been the biggest challenge in the search efforts. Hatfield is completly covered in wooded areas. In over three hours, 160 volunteers could only cover 3 1/2 miles of woods."

Searches now face the daunting task of sifting through brush and miles of wooded ares, hoping for any signs of Alisha.

Volunteer Amy Appel says, "We're looking for items of clothing, really anything that looks remotely new that might be in relation, might give us some help."

Alisha left her Hatfield home Friday night after an arguement with her husband, Doug Sidie. Now officials are beginning to piece together a timeline of Alisha's whereabouts that night, including the last people she had spoke with.

Sheriff Waldera says, "We are looking into the whereabouts and who had last contact, doesn't matter if it was the husband or even friends she was with, but yes, we have investigators looking at all that information including the husband, what was going on and the details of the event that was told to us."

As bleak as the search may seem at times, volunteers are determined to bring Alisha home.

Volunteer Christine Gargulak says, "I just like to keep a positive outlook on things, that she's out there somewhere, somewhere."

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