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La Crosse, WI

Local radio station pulls plug on Chris Brown music

LA CROSSE, Wisconsin (WXOW)

He is a pop super star on the top forty countdown, but you wont be hearing any of his songs on one local radio station.

Because of an alleged domestic altercation between Chris Brown and his singer girlfriend Rhianna, Z93 is pulling his music from the airwaves.

They say they want to take a stand against domestic violence.

"How can we support someone who is accused of a crime like this?" says Pat of Pat and AJ in the Morning.

As of Wednesday the station is banning all Chris Brown music until his alleged domestic violence incident with girlfriend Rhianna is dropped.

"I am not going to play it on the morning show even if it costs me my job. I have standards I wont cross," says Pat.

Pat is a victim of domestic violence.

By not playing Chris Browns songs, the station wants to send a message that a crime like this wont be tolerated.

"It doesn't matter if you live in La Crosse or if you are a Hollywood star. It tells young people who idolize them that these are the consequences for your actions," he says.

Pat and AJ agree its a slippery slope.

Dozens of pop stars have faced run ins with the law, yet their work has never been pulled.

"If you pull Chris Brown then why not pull TI and other stars that have problems with the law? How can you compare that to domestic violence. I don't think you can," says AJ.

"I think its a whole other thing when its battering your girlfriend. Its more sever, more relatable and it effects more people locally," says Pat.

Locally, domestic abuse effects more than two thousand people in the county every year.

Local women's rights activists say this case should teach us an important lesson.

"You are rich, famous and popular and it can still happen to you," says Ann Quinlisk of DVIP.

By simply pulling Brown's songs from the airwaves, people are talking and raising awareness about domestic violence.

"As there is more awareness it means the community is less likely to tolerate it," says Quinlisk.

So, even if your not tuning in to the radio everyday you may be hearing their message.

According to a poll on the Z93 web page, most of their listeners agree.

Around fifty percent voted to pull Browns music from the airwaves.

About twenty percent say the station should only pull the music if Brown is found guilty of domestic abuse.

Around thirty percent say they should keep playing the songs.

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