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Diane, Greg, and Courtney Frick

How do you say thank you to someone who gives your child the gift of confidence and self esteem?

When Courtney was in third grade, it was such a struggle for her.  We just thought she is one that was going to have to work extra hard in school.  We noticed again when she was in fourth grade that it was so hard for her.  Homework that should have taken 45 minutes was taking Courtney 1 ½ hours.  We decided to look into Sylvan and have an assessment done on reading and math.  We were shocked to see that she was reading and doing math at a 2nd grade level.  We started right away at Sylvan doing 2 hours for 3 nights a week.  Courtney was nervous at first coming in, but after a short time she loved coming.  We noticed within the first three months she was more confident in doing things.  Even her teacher at school said, Courtney is not the same shy girl that walked into his room the first week of school.  The tokens the kids receive are such a boost for them.  They really enjoy earning and spending them when they have enough.  My son would always say to me when do I get to go to Sylvan?  Courtney would just smile when he said that.

By the end of summer Courtney was done with her reading and brought her grade up from a D to an A-.  We were so excited, but not as much as Courtney was with herself.  We were still working on getting her done with math.  After several hours during the year we were done with math and her grade went from a D to a C+.  The biggest thing we noticed this year in 5th grade is that Courtney rarely needs to bring math homework with her, she gets it done at school.  She was even the first one done one day in class and the teacher asked if she was done, after saying yes, her teacher checked her work over and she only had 1 problem done incorrectly.  That was the day she shocked her teacher.  How proud Courtney felt. 

So again, how do I say THANK YOU for all you have done for Courtney and our family?  To see Courtney's face now when she brings out her report card is PRICELESS!  Thank you so much for everything you do for all the kids you help everyday.

-Diane, Greg, and Courtney Frick

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