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Kristie Dyrdahl

Before my daughter started going to Sylvan she would cry every morning because she didn't want to go to school.  She was so unhappy and miserable.  I watched for almost 2 years as my daughter went from a happy, confident little girl, to a girl that lost belief in herself and her ability to learn.  During those 2 years her attitude towards teachers, other students and herself had become such a problem, that I couldn't waste anymore time waiting for it to get better.  

By the time I brought her to Sylvan she was almost 2 years behind her actual grade level in reading.  Even though, for over a year, she had been attending an after school program the public school offered, 3 days a week.  She was also doing extra "in school" lessons 2 times a week with absolutely no progress. 

Within 6 months at Sylvan, her words per minute nearly tripled, her attitude towards school has done a complete 180, and blessing on top of blessings, she started to get her confidence back!

If anyone was to ask me if Sylvan is worth driving to and from Winona 2-3 times a week, the cost, etc, etc, I would answer an immediate "Yes".  For the confidence it builds in the children alone is priceless!!

Thank you Lisa and all the teachers for doing what you do and bringing my baby back!

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