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Heart Song


La Crosse, WI (WXOW) - It's hard for a lot of us to tell the people we love how much they mean to us.

A La Crosse girl found a way, through music.

The words are simple.

And the title... Happiness, friends, food.... Is a little silly.

That's what makes this music so special to 15 year old Bridget Schams.

Bridget wrote the lyrics, undergoing chemo.

Bridget says, "I think my friends are the #1 thing in my life. So, I just wrote a song based on them."

With the help of Gundersen Lutheran Music Therapist Amy Oppriecht, Bridget put her feelings on paper.

Her lyrics describe four friends, who stayed by her side from the day of her diagnosis to her last treatment.

Four friends with little in common, expect the love they share for Bridget.

These girls are facing it all together.

Only now, with a theme song.

Gundersen Lutheran's Music Therapy program started as a pilot program back in July.

But because of its success and popularity among both pediatric and adult cancer patients, the hospital recently decided to make it a permanent program.

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