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Interior Designs Is A Full Service Flooring and Cabinetry Center

Interior Designs is a full service flooring and cabinetry center.  Having a showroom that encompasses 14,000 sq feet, we offer a wide range of products and services for residential and light commercial applications.

It's easy to see when you walk in our front door that we believe in our philosophy of "The Best of Everything".  We partner with our vendors to provide products that fill design options from classic to contemporary, which fit any budget.  Whether it's one bedroom or a whole house, we want to make sure your experience is the "best" that it can be.

There are separate areas of our store for each of our main product categories of Cabinetry and Countertops, Carpeting, Hardwood, Laminate and Vinyl, Ceramic, and Commercial. Each area has installed materials combined in various ways to give you a jumpstart to envisioning them in your own home or office. Have a cup of coffee with us and spend the day just browsing if you want; "our home is your home".

We believe that being knowledgeable about our products is important to our clients. On a regular basis, we have our staff attend both off -site and in- house training sessions and product knowledge seminars.  In this changing industry, with new products coming forward nearly every day, the challenge is extended to us to be that one step ahead, to help you, our shopper, make the right choice for your needs.

The same philosophy applies to our installation staff as well. As new technologies develop, new installation methods often follow.  Keeping up with the latest materials to make sure your new carpet, tile or wood perform for you for years to come, gives you a quality installation, the basis of our business. Our installers, some of which have been with us over 30 years as well, will treat your home as if it were their own, and with our carpet installations, will even vacuum the floors before leaving!

Some of our cabinetry and flooring designs have even made their way into shelter magazines like Log Home Living, and cabinetry product brochures from Woodland. Our greatest recognition, though, always comes from you, the homeowner. You are the greatest judge of whether we've done it right.

With the "green" movement becoming a regular part of our lives, we are proud that we are one of the few businesses in the area that have been taking old pad and nylon carpets from installations to recycling centers where they can be remanufactured into new materials. We were doing this before it was fashionable or promoted. It just made sense to us.

 We're proud that as a Mohawk Floorscapes store, we are partnered with a company that promotes environmentally friendly manufacturing policies, and provides products that aren't just beautiful, but that perform beautifully as well. They, along with many of our other vendors, such as Shaw and Anderson Wood have equally impressive products and practices that follow responsible uses of our environment.

We want to give you the "best" representation of your vision that we can, and we're proud to have repeat customers that were with us when we started over 30 years ago. Extend that further to know we also have clients that are sons and daughters of original customers, and you see why we are still here, when others have fallen by the wayside.

History aside, we look forward to meeting new clients that have never been through our doors before, and continuing to serve our area with "The Best of Everything" for years to come. Visit us soon...the coffee is on.

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