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Blue Moon History


A Little bit of history...

The Blue Moon has been a landmark along Highway 53 (currently 35) for nearly one hundred years.  It was originally built at the turn of the century as a home for a wealthy La Crosse family.  the home was originally located closer to Lake Onalaska, then was moved to its current location to make room for the new highway.

During the Great Depression, the home was purchased and opened as a night club which became quite popular under the name Blue Moon.  A hostess recalls having to check under tables in certain hiding places for hidden bottles of shine.  When the owner hired a new manager, the reputation of the restaurant was jeopardized due to a small gambling problem.  Presumably, ill management, and possibly gambling debts caused the business to be lost; the Blue Moon became a private residence again for a number of years during the 1950's.

The building returned to a restaurant and night club in 1957.  It changed hands in 1967 and during the 70's was turned into a piano bar and restaurant with "sing along".  The restaurant was sold a few times through the 70's and 80's until being purchased in 1981 by Jon and Pat Schuster.  The restaurant became The Big River Cattle Company and eventually Chicken Steak and Chocolate Cake under Jon and Pat.

The restaurant was purchased in 2007 by the Nimtz family and has undergone some extensive remodeling to reopen as the infamous Blue Moon. 

We would like to thank you for your patronage and hope that you will join us again very soon.

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