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WXOW News 19 Policy on Public Service Announcements

This is a general notice and statement of WXOW TV's policies regarding Public Service Announcements and is subject to change at any time.

When airtime is available, PSA's will be aired free of charge to qualifying, registered non-profits and charitable organizations who do not have the funding to otherwise get their public service message out to the community. In addition, the station may, from time to time, provide public service airtime to non-profit & charitable organizations that have funding available to purchase advertising, but wish to achieve additional exposure through public service airtime.  

All PSA's submitted will be considered, based on content and appropriate use, however, the station assigns the following priority level to all PSA's submitted for air.

Top Priority: Station organized or participatory initiatives.

High Priority: Local & regional initiatives.

Moderate Priority: Broadcast Industry and State initiatives.

Low Priority: National initiatives.

The station also supports industry initiatives with PSA time (i.e., Wisconsin Broadcasters Association and various National Association of Broadcasters initiatives.

PSA Content

Content of all PSA's submitted for air MUST meet the following guidelines:

  • PSA's must serve the public interest.
  • And/or promote fund-raising initiatives with proceeds going directly towards advancing the mission of non-profit organization.
  • And/or promote awareness initiatives for particular non-profit organization.

Commercial Sponsorships or Identification

As a general policy, the station will not air PSA's that include ANY commercial sponsorship, or identification with the following exceptions:

The business is serving as a venue of an event or promotion featured in the PSA (i.e., "Help the Red Cross by coming to the Real Heroes dinner Thursday at the Ramada.")

The business is a partner with the station in a promotion for a specific non-profit organization ("WXOW TV invites you to join in the fight against heart disease.")

Other exceptions to this rule may be considered. However, there shall be no exception without the approval of the News Director.

Station Identification

All PSA's aired by WXOW TV shall carry the station's logo. If a PSA is delivered without the logo, the station will make the addition at no charge.

Online Community Calendar

The WXOW TV Online Community Calendar offers free promotion for community events. Log onto our website at www.wxow.com, click on the community tab and fill out the online form.  It takes 24-48 hours for an event to be approved and posted.

The station has no obligation to promote every announcement.

Online Community Calendar events must be received at least one week prior to the event.

Level of Sponsorship

Platinum: :30 sec spot with on-air talent, with the possibility of: 20,:15,:10  sec spot to air the month before the event.  3:00 minute interview on the morning show, Daybreak.  Posting of event on community calendar (see above,) along with on the hometown events page (an exclusive page that we can link to your event.)   Mention of event on Live at 5 with possibility of other news programs.  Possible use of on-air talent at event.

Gold: :20,:15 and or:10 sec spot with on air talent. On air interview on the morning show, Daybreak. Posting of event on community calendar.  Possible use of on-air talent at event.

Silver: Mention of the event on the morning show, Daybreak.  Posting of the event on the community calendar.

Bronze: Posting of the event on the community page calendar

A committee will review the submission of your event and determine what package we can offer depending on availability.

All levels are subject to change.


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