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Infant Hearing Aids

Eight month old Marlowe Calhoun is a good listener, thanks to her hearing aids.

"She was fitted and received the hearing aids just before she was four months old," says her mother Veronica Calhoun 

Doctors spotted a hearing problem soon after Marlowe was born. 

Audiologist Zhanneta Shapiro says, "So we're able to identify kids before age three, three months, and we're able to fit them with hearing aids before the age of six months."

Doctor Shapiro says early use of a hearing aid is critical, so a child doesn't miss out on learning language. "The earlier you aid the child, the earlier they get the speech services, the less likely they're going to be delayed. Hearing aids for children are worn on the outside, with an interior ear mold that conducts the sound."

"And as she grows up we'll make sure that she understands that mommy and daddy wear glasses so they can see better and you wear hearing aids so you can hear better," says Calhoun. 

The first day Marlowe's hearing aids were turned on, dad's voice turned out to be the sweetest sound. "And her head just went up and she looked up at him, and mom cries, the dad cries, we cry! I mean its really an incredible experience, and its just so wonderful to be able to see this reaction 'cause you know that its helping her."

The first of many sounds that will help Marlowe connect to the world.

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