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Check out these great breakfasts from

Blue Moon


 - Griddle Sensations -

Colossal Toast

We do things a little different. We coat the outside of our toast with a sweet and crispy cereal!                        

                     Two Slices…2.99                With Berries...3.99

                     Three Slices…3.99              With Berries...4.99

Ol' Frenchy

We make our original French toast from Texas toast, cinnamon, vanilla and a few other secrets.

            Two slices...2.79                      With Berries...3.79

            Three slices...3.49                   With Berries...4.49

Blue Moon Toast

Two slices of our amazing and unique Colossal Toast with a scoop of locally made Blue Moon ice cream and your choice of fruit topping...4.49

Griddle Cakes

Fluffy cakes the way Mom used to make em'.

Two cakes...2.79

Three cakes...3.49

Mix'n Cakes

Those same great cakes with your choice of add-ins including: blueberries, strawberries, cherries, chocolate chips, pecans or bacon crumbles!

Two cakes...3.79

Three Cakes...4.49

Blue Moon Waffle

A thick, soft, fluffy waffle topped with whipped butter and powdered sugar…$3.49

Add your favorite toppings to this one for only…$1.00


 - Moon's Meaty Specialties -

Each breakfast meal comes with choice of breakfast potatoes, hash browns, yogurt or fresh fruit and choice of white or wheat toast, English muffin or silver dollar pancakes.


Green Eggs and Ham

We start with a hearty slice smoked ham top it off with two eggs and basil pesto sauce...6.29

Cowboy Eggs

This is quite the hearty way to start the day. An 8oz hand cut ribeye is accompanied by two eggs your way...6.95

The Redeye

This southern classic will wake you up! We marinate a ham steak in our redeye gravy and serve it up with two eggs, and a side of gravy to dip it all in...6.29

Pork n' Gravy

We lightly bread a boneless pork chop and panfry it then add on two eggs and country gravy...6.29

Chop Steak

This grilled 10oz chop steak is topped with sautéed onions, peppers and gravy then rested next to two eggs...6.29

Chicken Fried Chicken

A hand breaded chicken breast fried to a golden brown topped with country gravy served with two eggs...6.29


 - Hearty Sandys -

Breakfast sandwiches are served with your choice of hash browns,

breakfast potatoes, yogurt or fresh fruit.


Stacked High Ham

An egg with thinly shaved ham, bacon and cheddar cheese between two slices of toast... 4.99

Monte Cristo

A classic in other parts of the states.  This odd sandwich is created when French toast, ham, Swiss and strawberry preserves collide...5.49

The English

An English muffin or bagel topped with egg, cheese and your choice of ham, bacon or sausage patty...4.99

Egg Stacker

Scrambled eggs mixed with peppers, mushrooms, onions topped with creamy muenster cheese, bacon and a juicy sausage patty all on sourdough toast...5.49


 - Eggs & Things -

The Traditional

Two eggs, with your choice of breakfast potatoes or hash browns, bacon, ham, sausage links or sausage patty and choice of English muffin, silver dollar pancakes, white or wheat toast...4.99

Toast n' Eggs

Two eggs your way with choice of silver dollar cakes, white or wheat toast…2.99

With some ham, bacon, links or sausage patty...3.99

Griddle Buster

This monster comes with lots of choices.  Take two eggs your way, choice of a  blue moon waffle, two slices of French toast, or 2 giant griddle cakes and choice of bacon,  ham,  sausage patty or links...5.99

The Gravy Train

We slather our biscuits with a healthy dose of homemade sausage gravy, how many do you want?

Two Biscuits…2.99         With eggs...4.49

Three Biscuits…3.49     With eggs...4.99

Country Addiction

This English muffin is topped with sausage patties poached eggs, cheddar cheese, homemade sausage gravy and breakfast potatoes or hash browns…6.49

Moons over Myhami

English muffin with ham, eggs, and hollandaise sauce served with breakfast potatoes or hash browns...6.49

Huevos Rancheros

Two flour tortillas topped with black beans, eggs your way, shredded cheese homemade ranchero sauce and corn salsa, served with your choice of potatoes... 6.49

Breakfast Burrito

We wrap scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, cheese sauce, cheddar and mozzarella all up in a tortilla and smother it in our ranchero sauce and sour cream then serve it up with choice of potatoes...6.49

Eggs and Hash

Two eggs your way with choice of corned beef hash or prime rib hash and silver dollar cakes or toast...4.79

 - Omelets Around The World -

All omelets are served with toast.  You can add hash browns or breakfast potatoes for only $1.00.

The Italian Job

Italian sausage, fresh homemade bruschetta, mozzarella cheese, and parmesan cheese create this one of a kind that we top with basil pesto sauce...6.49

 Do it Yourselfer?

We start you off with cheese then you take over...4.29

Choice of cheddar, mozzarella,  American, Swiss, pepperjack, muenster or cheese sauce .

Ham, Sausage, Bacon, Ground Beef, Chicken, Corned Beef Hash, Prime Rib Hash, sautéed onions, sautéed peppers, sautéed mushrooms, jalapenos,             tomatoes, black bean corn salsa, bruschetta, hollandaise sauce, country gravy or ranchero sauce.  $0.50 each      

The Canadian

Stuffed with ham, bacon, mushrooms, onions and cheddar cheese then topped with hollandaise...6.49


Spicy ground beef, our homemade black bean corn salsa, sautéed peppers, sautéed onions, jalapenos and pepperjack all topped off with ranchero sauce...6.49

Welcome to Buffalo

Grilled chicken tossed in buffalo with bleu cheese crumbles,. sautéed peppers and onions...6.49

Big Philly

Thinly sliced prime rib, sautéed peppers, and onions and rich cheese sauce complete this creation...6.59

 - A La Carte -

Blueberry Muffin…1.69

Bran Muffin…1.69

English Muffin…1.49


Bagel/Cream Cheese...1.99

Cinnamon Roll…1.99

Pecan Sticky Roll…2.19



One Egg...1.00

Fresh Fruit...2.29



Deluxe Oatmeal...3.19

       with blueberries.

       with pecans and brown sugar

Hash Browns…1.89

Breakfast Potatoes...1.89

Deluxe Taters...3.49

        bacon, onions, mushrooms and cheese.

Southern Potatoes...3.49

         covered with sausage gravy.

Breakfast Meat...2.00

         Ham, links, patty, bacon. 

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