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Physicians Fast - NEW!!!!

Jump Start Your Weight Loss! Quick and easy!
3-5 pounds/week … Guaranteed!

Physicians Fast is an all new program, specially-designed to promote easy, safe, fast and effective weight loss, and encourage long-term weight maintenance.

Physicians Fast is ideal for people who desire a simple program, providing aggressive weight loss with the convenience of portion and calorie controlled meal replacements during the day and the satisfaction of a great tasting meal for dinner!

  • Adequate levels of protein while restricting carbohydrates.
  • Variety of specially formulated meal replacement products including puddings, shakes, soups, drinks, smoothies and crispy bar supplements. 
  • Combination of meal replacement products and an abundant selection of fresh, wholesome foods from your grocery store. 
  • Custom blend of active ingredients in supplements which have been found to help suppress appetite, burn fat, boost metabolism and help prevent stress related weight gain. 
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