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Hall of Fame Testimonials

Sandra Burns
City: La Crosse WI
Pounds Lost: 34
Inches Lost: 47.75
Quote: "I never thought I could do it but with the help of PWLC I dropped from a size 16 to size 8, and my cholesterol dropped from 240 to a healthy 153 points!"

Norma Currier
City: West Salem WI
Pounds Lost: 23.5
Inches Lost: 31.25
Quote: "I kept saying, ‘I can't believe I'm doing this!' It was so easy and the staff was very friendly. I met my goal a month early and it was worth every cent that I invested!"

Dionne Dean
City: La Crosse WI
Pounds Lost: 62
Inches Lost: 78.75
Quote: "I feel amazing! Losing weight has made me feel so good about myself again. I've been shopping, shopping, shopping and loving it!"

Ann Delaney
City: Lansing IA
Pounds Lost: 13.5
Inches Lost: 25.25
Quote: "I feel so much better since I've lost weight. I can move around more and have gotten back into my clothes. But best of all, I've learned how to eat right. If you follow the diet, it works!"

Cheryl Drangstveit
Proud Owner, Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers, Eau Claire WI
Pounds Lost: 69
Inches Lost: 66.5
Quote: "With the help of PWLC in Onalaska WI and my family, I have added 10 years to my life. The healthy benefits even outweigh how good I look! I came from a low capacity life to feeling like I could train for a marathon. My blood sugar and cholesterol are down and my lung capacity is up. My doctor has even asked if he can use me as an example!"

Pat Evanson
Residence: Trempealeau WI
Pounds Lost: 39.5
Inches Lost: 53
Quote: "I decided to join after seeing someone else who looked wonderful. PWLC motivates you and challenges your whole way of thinking…to a positive you!"

Martha Hanrahan
City: Black River Falls WI
Pounds Lost: 30
Inches Lost: 36.75
Quote: "Thanks to the program I was able to stop insulin shots and a blood pressure medication. I feel good and it's so great not to worry when I go out to eat. I know what I can have!"

Sue Hartleip
Residence: Onalaska WI
Pounds Lost: 19
Inches Lost: 22.5
Quote: "I was depressed, had no energy and my cholesterol was high when I started the program. Now I feel good, my energy is back, my cholesterol is down and I'm not embarrassed anymore about how I look. Thank you PWLC for helping me get my life back!"

Ann Johnson
City: La Crosse WI
Pounds Lost" 60.5
Inches Lost: 59
Quote: "When I joined PWLC, my doctor said I was headed towards heart disease. I looked and felt awful. I'm now down 6-7 dress sizes and shopping is fun! I work out at least 4 times a week and my blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides are all down. There's a program for everyone at PWLC; join and you won't be sorry!"

Beth Kammer
City: La Crosse WI
Pounds Lost: 21.5
Inches Lost: 20.75
Quote: "I have more energy and more confidence and people make comments about how good I look! It's all about healthy eating; even my kids notice. I definitely recommend PWLC!"

Mitch Knutson
City: Black River Falls WI
Pounds Lost: 52.5
Inches Lost: 44
Quote: "I was gaining weight and was up to 240 pounds. I joined PWLC to help me get to a normal weight and wear normal sized clothes. As I lost weight, my blood pressure went down and my cholesterol dropped 34 points. The staff at PWLC was great; they didn't pull any punches and told me what I needed to do, and it all worked. I feel great! I just love this program!

Chris Linhart
City: Bangor WI
Pounds Lost: 42
Inches Lost: 32.5
Quote: "I signed up at PWLC as a birthday present to myself, to lose weight and keep my health under control. I feel good, my clothes feel better and I've added 4 notches to my belt. I can't wait for my next doctor's visit! Thank you PWLC for your help and encouragement!"

Rick Martinson
City: West Salem WI
Pounds Lost: 60
Inches Lost: 63.5
Quote: "The knowledge, expertise, encouragement and compassion of staff at PWLC helped me restructure my life and provided me with a healthier lifestyle. I had impressive changes in cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar and blood pressure. There are many places to go that claim weight loss results, but the results I achieved make PWLC the place to go!"

Vickie Meyer
City: Onalaska WI
Pounds Lost: 22.5
Inches Lost: 28.5
Quote: "My weight was creeping up and nothing I tried helped. I needed a structured diet plan that I could maintain after the weight was off; PWLC gave that to me. I recommend the program to everyone!"

Jan Needham
Residence: Onalaska WI
Pounds Lost: 40
Inches Lost: 67
Quote: "I tried for 2 years to lose weight on my own and was unsuccessful. Thanks to PWLC, I have achieved my weight loss goal! I feel fantastic and am enjoying the many compliments from family and friends. Thank you!"

Jo Ann Nelson
City: Trempealeau WI
Pounds Lost: 41
Inches Lost: 46.75
Quote: "A neighbor of mine joined PWLC and looked terrific. My friend and I knew this was the ticket for us. In thirteen weeks we both lost 40 pounds and a total of 120 inches. We're both off our high blood pressure medication and we feel great! Thanks to the Great Girls at PWLC, my friend and I are enjoying our new clothes and great bodies."

Louise Paulus
City: Bangor WI
Pounds Lost: 20
Inches Lost: 28
Quote: "I'm so glad I joined PWLC. I look better and feel better and reduced my cholesterol from 400 points to 137 points. Thank you PWLC staff for being so friendly and helpful every time I came in!"

Dolly Pertzsch
City: Onalaska WI
Pounds Lost: 44
Inches Lost: 41.5
Quote: "I had back surgery 10 years ago and had gained weight. I wasn't feeling well and came to PWLC to help me. Now I don't feel sluggish, have the stamina to exercise and my back pain is reduced. I'm more confident at work and feel comfortable reaching out to customers. Plus, people say I look wonderful! Thank you PWLC!"

Lorie Peterson
City: Onalaska WI
Pounds Lost: 22.5
Inches Lost: 34.75
Quote: "It's amazing how simple weight loss can be when you have the right tools and use them!"

Tina Schumaker
Owner, Absolutely Edible, La Crosse WI
Pounds Lost: 28.5
Inches Lost: 39.5
Quote: "I feel better, have more energy and look better too! The program was very easy, I wasn't hungry at all and the staff was very friendly and supportive. I highly recommend PWLC!"

Edith Stalsberg
City: La Crosse WI
Pounds Lost: 45
Inches Lost: 51.75
Quote: "When I joined PWLC I lacked confidence, my cholesterol was high and I generally didn't feel well. Now I feel great and have a lot more confidence. Everyone has noticed the difference! Thanks PWLC for helping me change my life!"

Dean Syrjanen
City: La Crosse WI
Pounds Lost: 80.5
Inches Lost: 59
Quote: "I lost 80 pounds in 6 months and am now more active than ever. Thanks PWLC for helping me change my life!"

Dr. Robin Theye
City: Onalaska WI
Pounds Lost: 77.5
Inches Lost: 80.25
Quote: "I gained weight in college and grad school and needed to change my life. Now I love shopping and wearing clothes I couldn't wear before. I feel great and love going to the gym! Losing weight has truly changed my life. Thank you PWLC!"

Peggy Trachta
City: Melrose WI
Pounds Lost: 32.5
Inches Lost: 29.5
Quote: "The older I get the harder it is to lose weight, but I've lost 32 ½ pounds in 5 months with the help of PWLC! Moving around with my grandchildren is definitely easier and the strain on my knees is diminished. I now have the confidence to keep trying!"

Deb Weber
City: Sparta WI
Pounds Lost: 35.5
Inches Lost: 43.25
Quote: "Joining PWLC was the best thing I could have done. It's the healthy way to go! I have much more energy and have dropped 2 clothing sizes. I feel great and the staff is wonderful. Thank you PWLC!"

Cathy Witte
City: Holmen WI
Pounds Lost: 20
Inches Lost: 23.75
Quote: "Due to back issues, I can't exercise. Through PWLC, I lost 20 pounds and the program was easy to follow. The weight came off fast and I feel great! Thanks to everyone at PWLC!"

Leona Zielsdorf
City: Sparta WI
Pounds Lost: 28.5
Inches Lost: 39.25
Quote: "I was tired and didn't feel well. My cholesterol was high and I was borderline diabetic. I tried dieting on my own but was not successful, so I joined PWLC for my health. The staff helped me be accountable while caring about my progress and I felt at ease knowing I was under a doctor's care. Thanks PWLC for helping me reach my goal!"

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