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Why Choose Ziegler Heating & Refrigeration?

Consumer Reports and the U.S. Department of Energy both recommend the following when having a heating & cooling system installed:

Quality Installation by a Qualified Contractor is more important than the brand

"The degree of similarity between manufacturers' offerings is one reason this report does not include ratings of furnaces by brand.  The most important steps in selecting a furnace, we think, are to ensure that the unit's specifications fit your needs, that it is bought from a contractor who installs it well, and that it is adequately maintained."  Consumer Reports

Although we are proud of the Amana brand, Ziegler Heating & Refrigeration knows that it is our quality installation and exceptional service that makes us the best choice for you!

Cheaper is not necessarily Better

"Avoid making your decision solely on the basis of price. The quality of the installation should be your highest priority, because quality will determine energy cost, comfort, and durability." ~ U.S. Dept of Energy

Be wary of bids that are considerably below the others; the contractor may be cutting corners in ways that compromise the sytem's effectiveness"  ~ Consumer Reports

Ziegler Heating & Refrigeration has very aggressive pricing with rebates on qualifying equipment.  Our everyday service prices are better than some of our competitor's preferred customer prices.  We, however, do not cut corners.  We will give you the best "value" for the equipment and service you need!

Use licensed Insured Contractors

Ziegler Heating & Refrigeration holds a state HVAC license as well as a gas piping license and a DILHR license (refrigeration handling).  We are fully bonded and insured.  Our technicians continually attend manufacturer's seminars to stay up to date on the latest equipment and technology.

Inquire with the Better Business Bureau

Ziegler Heating & Refrigeration is not only accredited by the Better Business Bureau, but we hold its highest rating – A+.

Ask for References

Ziegler Heating & Refrigeration has posted testimonials from many satisfied customers for you to review.  We would also be happy to provide references of a mores specific nature upon request.

Get bids from 3 reputable local contractors

Ziegler Heating & Refrigeration welcomes the opportunity to bid for your business.  Andy Sobkowiak, our expert estimator will give you a free, prompt estimate and make sure that the equipment bid is the best fit for your house.  When you receive all your bids we would like the opportunity to make sure that you are comparing apples to apples.  We don't want or need to see our competitor's prices but do want to make sure that you are comparing appropriately.  Andy can help you through that process.

Get the appropriate Size for your Home

"Older space conditioning systems (more than 10 years old) are often unreliable and much less efficient than a modern system. When it's time for a new replacement, choosing one of the correct size (heating and/or cooling output) is critical to getting the best efficiency, comfort, and lowest maintenance and operating costs over the life of the new system. Some national surveys have determined that well over half of all HVAC contractors do not size heating and cooling systems correctly."  ~U.S. Department of Energy

Andy is one of the most qualified expert estimators in the area.  Often time's contractors have "sales" people bid your installation.  Andy has worked at Ziegler Heating & Refrigeration for over 24 years with over half of that time spent in the field.  He knows which equipment is appropriate for your home and will make sure you get the highest efficiency and best value.  This will ensure your family's comfort and save on your monthly heating and cooling costs.

For more information, visit www.energy.gov or consumerreports.org

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