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Our Commitment

  • Our staff.  The same staff that has worked with you over the last 2 years is still here.
  • Our commitment to the lowest prices in the area – every day.  Our philosophy is to keep our overhead costs (building, staff, advertising, etc) down in order to keep our every day prices less than everyone else's sale prices.  You aren't paying for a fancy store or an army of sales staff pouncing on you when you walk through the door.
  • Our commitment to a pleasant shopping experience.  We won't follow you around the store, pressuring you into buying something.  We're here to help you, not hound you.  We'll treat you like family – just like our new name says.
  • Our commitment to meet or beat anyone's prices.  We keep it simple – no minimum purchase amount to get a good deal, no TV giveaways – just the lowest price on any item at any time.  On the rare occasion someone does have a lower price, we will meet or beat it.  Before you buy, get our price.  You'll be glad you did.
  • Our commitment to do the right thing for the customer.  We won't try to talk you into something you won't like just to make a sale.  We don't do financing.  Remember, ‘interest free' does not mean ‘principal free.'  The extra amount you are paying for the merchandise compared to our price can be the equivalent of up to 20% interest.  We'll be happy to explain.
  • Our commitment to get you your merchandise as soon as possible.  We get our loads weekly.  Our rule of thumb is: If you order this week, it will be on next week's truck, if it is available.  And we tell you exactly what we know the availability is.  If the item is not available immediately, we tell you that before the sale is made so you can make your buying decision accordingly. 
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