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Strawberry Season


It's that time of the year again! strawberry patches in the area are ripe and ready for picking. Nick Grunseth takes us to a local strawberry where people were out picking in full force.

 "Everybody is calling and asking 'are you guys open yet?' and I say, 'Yeah, we've been picking for a week,' and they're all surprised."  Kathlan's homestead berries, like most berry patches in the coulee region, is already open for business, and it's all thanks to the consistent and mild weather we've experienced this spring.

"That kind of sped up the growth of the berries.  The lighter berries seem to be flourishing a lot earlier than usual, and everything seems to be a couple of weeks ahead."

On Wednesday morning, I had a chance to visit the farm to have a look for myself.  At first, only a few people were out in the field gathering the fresh fruit.  By the time I left, dozens had arrived to pick strawberries. 

The nice sunshine on Wednesday was certainly a big incentive to get outside, but producers want to remind you... sunny days aren't the only days you can pick!

"It has been raining a lot in the past week, more than I've seen in the past six seasons.  And people don't think we're out here picking, but we're open!"

And if less people are out, that only means a wider selection from you to choose from! 

"These strawberries not only look amazing, they taste fantastic!  And the summer-like weather will stick around for a while, but time is ticking on this strawberry crop, so get out here when you can!

Reporting in La Crescent, Nick Grunseth, WXOW News 19.

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