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NEWSFILE: Court fight over Koula Estate


La Crosse, WI (WXOW)  In a hearing today to remove the beneficiary of the estate of Dennis and Merna Koula, the judge ruled there is no law to provide for the removal of the Koula's daughter, Cynthia.  Judge Ramona Gonzalez said, "There has been nothing in this file, counsel, thus far, that has given me any concerns about her capabilities as a personal representative.  No action that has been taken."

The couple's son, Eric Koula, is accused of killing the couple in their Barre Mills home last May.   Eric was originally the assigned beneficiary of the estate but given the charges against him his sister Cynthia is now the personal representative.

In court today, other family members tried to remove Cynthia as representative. Attorneys for the argued that Cynthia is not suited for the position because her husband was a person of interest during the Koula homicide investigation.  It was a position that Judge Gonzalez ultimately ruled against.

A trial date Eric Koula for the murders of Dennis and Merna Koula is set for July.

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