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What are the Jefferson Awards


LA CROSSE, Wisconsin (WXOW) ----- It's the Nobel Prize for public service-named after one of the country's founding fathers. 

"The Jefferson Awards", presented both locally and nationally, are a prestigious award that honors volunteers in the community.

Everyday volunteers in our community selflessly serve others.  We need your help to recognize them. Tom Brock of Altra Credit Union said,  "I've always been amazed by how many people it takes volunteering just to make a community work." 

The United Way is an online clearing house that sees first hand the need in our area and the willingness to give. James Falvey said, "We have a community who are filled with people who take care of our neighbors and United Way's role is to assess the needs of our neighbors and then work with organizations and individuals to see that those needs are met. I think the Jefferson Awards are a great way for us to celebrate those people who are helping take care of our neighbors."

If you have little extra time on your hands and not sure what you can do to help, don't worry. Dave Booth, General Manager at WXOW, News 19 says, "You know some people are those super volunteers and it's almost a full time job.  Other people, it's an hour a week. I don't think anybody should eliminate themselves because they don't have a specific talent because your talents may be a perfect match for an organization."

Since it's inception in 1972, the Jefferson Awards has been based on a simple idea ----- that one person can make a difference.

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