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Forensics evidence in Tammy Cole's murder trial


SPARTA, Wisconsin (WXOW) -- The murder trial for an Illinois woman charged with killing a Tomah man last April continues Tuesday with forensics testimony.

Tammy Cole has been charged with first degree intentional homicide for shooting 53-year-old Vance Evans in the back of the head.

The criminal complaint points out multiple instances of Tammy Cole's fingerprints and DNA at the crime scene where Evans was found dead. He had been shot in the back of the head by a 38-caliber six-shooter.

Cole turned herself in a day after police listed her as a suspect.

Forensics scientist Nick Stahlke testified to the pieces of evidence he found at the scene.

"Upon our arrival at the scene, we started documenting the scene. Then, I do a walk-through of the crime scene," Stahlke says.

The testimony lasted most of the day, as the prosecution showed different videos, photos and hard evidence to the jury.

The complaint says Stahlke's swabs for prints and DNA matched Tammy Cole's.

"There's a set of black leather gloves on the second sink on top of a drying rack, an aluminum can emptied in the next sink area, then there's a receptacle, trash can right here that had a handgun in it," Stahlke points out on a photo.

The prosecution alleges Cole shot Evans in the back of the head and tried to burn the home to destroy the evidence. They found a lit candle and broken gas line at the scene.

Cole doesn't deny the shooting, but her defense calls it an accident.

That trial is expected to last the rest of the week.
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