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Rules for observers

LA CROSSE, Wisconsin (WXOW) - The public can watch the recount process as long as the rules are followed.

Here are those rules, as provided by the La Crosse County Clerk's office:


Boards of Canvassers shall implement rules for observers as follows:


1. Pursuant to s. 9.01 (1) (b) 11., Stats., the recount of any election shall be

open to any interested member of the public including candidates and their


2. Observers and candidates' representatives and assistants shall conform

their conduct to the following requirements and the Boards of Canvassers shall

exercise its authority to regulate conduct of observers and candidates'

representatives and assistants.

 A. The Boards of Canvassers may limit observers to a designated

area. If there is not room for all observers to view the ballots as they are

being counted, visual preference shall be given to the candidates or their


 B. If any observer engages in any loud, boisterous, or otherwise

disruptive behavior that, in the opinion of a Board of Canvassers, threatens

the orderly conduct of the count, the Board of Canvassers shall issue a

warning and, if the observer does not cease the offending conduct, order

the observer's removal

C. Observers shall be permitted to use a video or still camera inside

the recount location unless it is disruptive or interferes with the

administration of the recount.

D. Questions and challenges shall be directed to the member of the

Boards of Canvassers designated to receive questions and challenges or

objections. Observers may not ask questions of the Boards of Canvassers.

Only the designated representative of the candidates may ask questions of

or make challenges or objections to the Boards of Canvassers. Candidates

may designate serial representatives,. but only one at any given time shall

be designated to address the Boards of Canvassers.

E. Candidates' designated representatives may have assistants

monitoring tabulators' activities. These assistants are permitted to ask

clarifying questions regarding poll list reconciliation and may request that

ballots are set aside for further review during the ballot sorting process. If

the assistants desire to make a challenge or objection, the assistants shall

bring the matter to the attention of the candidates' respective designated

representative that is permitted to ask questions of or make challenges or

objections to the Boards of Canvassers.

F. All observers, candidates' representatives and assistants, and

volunteers shall sign in before entering the recount room and out before

leaving the recount room. Representatives of the candidates and their

assistants, as well as the media, shall wear distinguishing name tags.

G. Observers should refrain from engaging in excess conversation or

making noise that is distracting to the Boards of Canvassers or tabulators.

Excess conversation and noise that is determined by the Boards of

Canvassers to be distracting to the process shall result in first a warning to

the offender(s) and if another violation occurs, ejection from the recount


H. As recount room size dictates, Boards of Canvassers may

reasonably and fairly limit the number of observers present.

3. The following items CANNOT be carried into the recount room:




Pencils or Pens with Black or Blue Ink

4. The Boards of Canvassers and Tabulators are the ONL Y people authorized to

touch the ballots and elections materials in ANY way.

5. Coffee, water, and other drinks may be in the recount room, but shall NOT be

allowed to sit on tables in the ballot counting area or the vicinity of any election

or recount materials.

6. Food items in the recount room are allowed, but must not be noisy, shall be

disposed of properly, and in no circumstances may food items go beyond the

boundary line marked on the recount room floor.

7. Anyone creating a disturbance, failing to follow the above rules, or failing to

follow other rules as established by a Board of Canvassers, shall first receive a

warning and if another violation occurs, shall be ejected from the recount room.

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