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Rainy departure for Freedom Honor Flight


LA CROSSE, Wisconsin (WXOW) - A wet Saturday morning isn't likely to dampen the spirits of the one-hundred World War II veterans on the 7th Freedom Honor Flight.

Wally Anderson said, "Well, I was expecting good weather, but I understand it's raining out there. But it's a good day, you know?"

...A good day that Wally couldn't pass up after all he's heard about the one-day tour in Washington.

"A lot of my friends have already gone on the trip, and they said it was great," said Wally.

For him, deciding to take the trip wasn't the hard part. That was the decision about which of his family members would be his Guardian.

Wally said, "My daughter wanted to go too, but you're only allowed one chaperone. And Mike asked first."

But the choice makes sense. Both Wally and Mike Anderson are veterans.

Wally said, "I was in England with the 8th Air Force."

Mike said, "I did some active duty in the Marines in my younger days and finished up with 19 years in the Army Reserve."

And for mike there's good reason he was so quick to enlist as his father's Guardian.

"There isn't a man I respect more than my dad, and to be able to have this opportunity to go with him is great," said Mike. "I wish it could have happened sooner, but it's great to honor those who are left and give them the opportunity to do this."

While trying to fit an entire trip to D.C. in one day may not be an easy task, the experience is well worth the effort.

Mike said, "The sacrifice that all the men and women of our armed forces do everyday--it's great there are memorials out there to be able to pay tribute to that."

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