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Unique Homes for Your Container Gardens

La Crosse, WI (WXOW) - Save a few memories and the environment by giving old items new life in your landscape.

Worn work boots and children's leaky rain boots make fun planters.

Convert an old colander into a planter for herbs and vegetables. Simply line it with sphagnum moss, fill with a well-drained potting mix and plant.

Add a few extra holes to a leaky bucket to create a container or fill an old cracked bird bath with plants instead of water.

Recycle cookie, cracker, and popcorn tins into planters.  Use a hammer and screwdriver to punch in some needed drainage holes.  

Try double potting ceramic, iron and other containers that lack drainage holes.  Fill the bottom of the decorative container with stones.  Set a smaller pot with drainage holes inside on top of the pebbles.  You'll be able to water the container thoroughly and pour out excess water as needed.

 Large containers can be heavy once filled with potting mix and plants. Using a false bottom can help lighten the weight of the filled container and save money spent on potting mix.  Gardeners use everything from crushed cans to packing peanuts.  Cover these materials with a permeable fabric like weed barrier to prevent soil from filtering down into these fillers.  Or try one of the commercial products like Ups-A-Daisy®.  These come in a variety of sizes to fit your various-sized containers.  The orange ones that are easy to find.  Or Better than Rocks made of recycled plastic that can be cut to fit your container.

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