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DA's Office: Three conspired to get rid of body

Cain Moss Cain Moss
Christina Lorenz Christina Lorenz
Robert Moss Robert Moss

LA CROSSE, Wisconsin (WXOW) - A few more details are coming out about what led to a body being dumped near Red Cloud Park and the arrests of three people.

Cain Moss, his father Robert Moss, and Christina Lorenz all appeared in La Crosse County Circuit Court Friday afternoon for a bond hearing.  They were arrested by La Crosse Police Thursday.  While none were formally charged, they were being held according to the District Attorney's office, on suspicion of hiding a corpse.

During the course of their appearances, based on statements by prosecutors to Judge Todd Bjerke, a picture of what possibly happened emerged.

The District Attorney's office told the court that Cain Moss and Christina Lorenz gave a person named "AD" a controlled substance.  Later, "AD" died apparently from that substance.  The pair, along with Robert Moss, and an unknown fourth person, conspired to dump the body near the northside park.

No details were given in court by prosecutors on what led police to the body or to any of those arrested.  Police stated they would not comment on the continuing investigation until sometime next week.

As for the three arrested, prosecutors asked for $25,000 cash bonds.  Instead, Judge Todd Bjerke gave Christina Lorenz a $250,000 bond, Cain Moss a $200,000 bond, and Robert Moss a $100,000 bond.  Judge Bjerke cited the fact that Lorenz was out on extended supervision for prior crimes when this incident took place as a reason for the higher bond.

Again, none of the three were formally charged with any crime Friday afternoon.  They are scheduled to return to court August 12th.

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