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Facebook's "friendly" feature


La Crosse, WI (WXOW) - If you don't want your boss to see pictures of your weekend activities on Facebook, you'll be interested in the site's new feature: "smart lists"

Social networking site Facebook is unveiling a new feature this week.  

It's aimed at addressing users' desire for more control over who sees the information they share on the site.  

"Smart lists" will group the people you are connected to on facebook into different categories.  
although the site has offered "friends lists" since 2007 - it will now offer separate news feeds - sharing specific information with certain groups of people.  

Facebook will automatically offer  lists based on work, school, family and location.  

The new feature appears to be similar to google-plus - a networking feature that google launched in June that groups your contacts into different social categories.  

Facebook is hoping users will create lists of "close friends" and "acquaintances".  

The site will suggest different people for each group - and provide a reminder of how much information you share with the site.  

If you don't give facebook information about where you work, who your family is or where you went to school - it can't make those lists for you.  
Users can also manage the lists manually.  

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