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Oktoberfest Parade Public Right of Way Policy


LA CROSSE, Wisconsin  (WXOW)--With the annual Oktoberfest Parade quickly approaching, the La Crosse Police Department and the Board of Public Works would like to remind everyone of the Public Right of Way Policy.

This policy and the La Crosse PD said that in order that the greatest number of people may enjoy the annual Oktoberfest Parade and to avoid injuries, they need to remember a few things.

For the Maple Leaf Parade, Captain Jason Melby said it's important that you don't bring anything that you can't haul out immediately after the parade is over. Things like couches, chairs and other items cannot be left at the parade site.

Captain Jason Melby also said to remember that you cannot stake off any area earlier than Midnight before the day of the parade. He also asks people to plan on having to park and walk to the parade, versus drive to a specific spot.

The La Crosse Police Department will begin blocking off roads as early as 7 A.M. on Saturday, September 24, starting with Rose and Gillette Streets.

Failure to remove items from public boulevards and sidewalks could result in a fine of $88.80, as well as loss of property and cost of removal.

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