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Koula's Dad: "Done Giving to the Kids"


LA CROSSE, Wisconsin (WXOW) – A statement made by Dennis Koula, Eric's Father, to his brother, has been deemed as admissible evidence by La Crosse County Judge Scott Horne.

The 42-year old Eric Koula is accused of shooting and killing both of his parents in their Barre Mills home on May 21, 2010.

It's alleged that two days before his death, Dennis Koula told his brother that he was "done giving (money) to the kids."

Dennis had previously been very generous with Eric and his family – at one point giving them $100-thousand at once.

District Attorney Tim Greinke said the statement shows Dennis was ready to cut his son off, giving Eric motive for the killings.

However the Defense argued that it's never been proven Dennis's words translated to actions.

"What we have here is a non-testimonial statement, made in a casual conversation, about what might be a future event," said defense attorney Jim Koby.

"The statement Eric gave police that night said that on Thursday, the day before the murder, he got a blank check from his father," Greinke responded.

"In order for the jury to evaluate that statement, they need to know that, two days before the murder, Dennis told his brother he was done giving money to Eric," he added.

Judge Horne said he will allow the statement into evidence because it serves to show the "state of mind" of Dennis prior to the killings.  

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