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Cat Home Safe After Five Days on Utility Pole


Sparta, WI (WXOW)-- A Sparta family got an early Christmas present today when their cat, Dragon, finally came home, after spending five days sitting on a utility pole.

"We opened the window Sunday night because it was too hot in the house and I guess we opened it a little too far and he kinda snuck out," said John Keleman, Dragon's owner.

Dragon's family spent hours outside, calling his name, trying to coax him down.

"He came down about 15 feet and then got scared and went back up," Keleman said. "And we've been trying to get him down every since."

The pole is owned by Excel Energy. Brian Elwood, a spokesman for Excel, said they could not safely rescue the cat because he was close to main power lines. Cutting power would have affected almost 1000 La Crosse residents.

So Dragon's owners..John Keleman and six-year old Autum waited.

"Just come down, or jump, I'll catch you," Keleman said. "I just want him to come down. I miss him, I really do."

"And all the holidays, I want him to stay with us for all the holidays," said Autum.

And Autum got her wish at about 3 this afternoon, when dragon fell from the pole and Keleman caught him safely in a blanket.

Debbie Pedilla, a local vet who knew about Dragon's situation, told the family to bring him in as soon as he came down from the pole.The family was concerned about the cost, but Pedilla said to just bring him in and they'd work something out later.

Pedilla examined Dragon and sent him home. The cat is now back home with his family.

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