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WATCH: Decorah Eagle Cam

DECORAH, Iowa (WXOW) -  The three eagles born this year at the Decorah Fish Hatchery continue to grow.  The three, known as D12, D13, and D14, spend their days eating, growing, and preparing for flight.

According to the Raptor Resource Project, viewers to the site can see the eagles do what's known as "wingercizing", or getting their wings trained for their first flight.  They may also do some hovering above the nest if the winds allow. 

The next step in their growth is for the trio to go 'branching', or hop out of the nest onto a nearby branch.


DECORAH, Iowa (WXOW) - The first hatch of three eggs laid by a pair of nesting bald eagles at the Decorah Fish Hatchery happens on Tuesday (3/27).

Pictures and video from the camera installed by the Raptor Resource Project captured the hatching of eaglet D12.

The camera has drawn in millions from around the world who have watched the eggs laid earlier this season.  People on forums and chat rooms on the eagles celebrated the hatch and are eagerly awaiting the hatch of the other two eggs.


DECORAH, Iowa (WXOW) - They're back!  The eagles made famous last year have returned to their nest at the Decorah Fish Hatchery.

The eagles have gained international attention because of an Internet cam set up by the Raptor Resource Project. The website that allows people to watch has been viewed millions of times.

Raptor Resource project researcher Bob Anderson says new equipment installed in October will give viewers an even better look at the eagle family this year.

Three Decorah eagle eggs hatched last spring, and the eaglets left the nest in the summer months that followed.


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