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DNR releases numbers from spring hearings

MADISON, Wisconsin (WXOW) - Results are now in from this week's DNR hearings on proposed changes in hunting and fishing rules. 

The concept of allowing hunters to shoot Sandhill Cranes was supported by a better than two-to-one margin. 

-Sandhill Crane hunt

            Yes: 2559

            No: 1271

But state residents rejected a proposal to issue fewer antlerless deer permits for public land, and more for private land. 

-Fewer doe permits on public land, more on private land

             No: 2106

             Yes: 1293


A suggestion to charge the same amount for resident and non-resident fishing licenses was overwhelmingly defeated.

-Non-resident fishing license same as resident

               No: 3263

               Yes: 514

Proposals to open the largemouth bass season in northern Wisconsin in May and to allow trolling on all state waters were both approved.

-May largemouth bass season in NW Wis.

                Yes: 2329

                 No: 654

Also approved was a measure allowing fishing year-round in the state if it won't harm fish populations.  The votes were all advisory. The hearings were held in every county in the state Monday evening.

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