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Wausau man makes emergency landing in a lake


WAUSAU, Wisconsin (WXOW) - A plane made an emergency landing into Lake Wausau Saturday afternoon. The pilot was forced to do so because of engine problems. He was the only person inside the plane.

Police say the 60 year-old knew he couldn't make it to the runway at the Wausau airport. So he landed in the lake instead.

Wausau's airport manager says the pilot did everything right and passed all the necessary landing checks.

Rescue crews say this is one scenario they rarely train for. "Airplanes don't fall out of the sky every day. When they do, it presents challenges. Especially when it's out in the water where we can't get to them," said Wausau Fire Department Battalion Chief Paul Czarapata.

The pilot was not injured and was picked up by a bystander in a boat.

Police say it's now up to the plane's owner to have the aircraft removed from the lake.

The Federal Aviation Association and National Transportation Safety Board will investigate what went wrong with the engine.


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