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ICE Building: Integrated Center for Education


LA CROSSE,WI (WXOW)--Gundersen Lutheran has turned a building used to store ice for the old Gund Brewery into a new ice building.

But instead of frozen water, this type of ICE is an acronym for Integrated Center for Education.

Gundersen Lutheran said the building will serve as a destination training and education site for surgical students all over the country. 

Dr. Benjamin Jarman--the Surgery Residency Program Director said the facility puts Gundersen Lutheran on the cutting edge of development for how they train residents to learn surgical procedures. The development of the building will be done in two phases and on Wednesday, phase one was completed.

That includes a complete mock operating room with a life-like patient called 'Stan' and a simulation lab.

Dr. Jarman said the 'state-of-the-art' equipment prepares residents to come into the real operating room.

"You could put Stan out on the highway like he was just in a motor vehicle collision and he responds to stimuli, he tells a story, and you can have a paramedic team come and save him, bring him to the emergency room where you could have a team of doctor's to practice that scenario and even take him to the operating room for certain things," said Jarman.

'Stan' is just one piece of state-of-the-art equipment that Dr. Jarman said will allow future surgeons to practice what they've learned.

Phase one of the $1.5 million dollar project is complete and residents will begin utilizing the facility within the next month.

The hope for phase two, is to add an inpatient hospital room, a trauma training room, and much more. 

The idea for a Education Center came from a German-based medical device manufacturer looking to develop a training center in the upper Midwest. That company, called Storz, provided the training towers.

Steris Corporation--another medical equipment manufacturer provided other materials such as surgical lights and tables.

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