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La Crosse School District lays off teachers


LA CROSSE, WI (WXOW)-- The La Crosse School District will lay off six teachers at the end of the year.

"It's a very hard decision and even harder to deliver the message to a staff member that you've grown to appreciate that you've worked closely with," Randy Nelson, La Crosse Superintendent said.

The cuts were necessary because the district had to find a way to cut about $3 million dollars from the budget.

"I have been keeping a list about how we go about realizing the reductions that had to be made in our district," Steve Salerno, Associate Superintendent of Human Resources said.

Salerno said the cuts mean high school teachers will have to teach six of eight periods instead of the five now; the other two periods will be used for planning and supervision.

In all, the district eliminated around 16 positions; attrition accounts for the other ten positions.

Eliminating those positions saves the districts $1.25 million.

"I really feel that even though we've been in the position to have to reduce staff over the last several years...they're working very diligently to help provide a customized and unique system for every child," Nelson said.

The rest of the budget cuts in the district come from employee health insurance benefits and the supply budget.

Salerno said the six teachers who were laid off could be rehired if someone leaves in their department or if enrollment increases.  One of the teachers was already hired back on part time.

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