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Edward M. Miklavcic




Edward enlisted in the United States Army Air Force on November 5, 1940. Edward arrived at Pearl Harbor a month later on December 11, and was assigned to Wheeler Field. When the attack began, Edward was on the second floor of the barracks walking through a hallway on his way to breakfast. As the air raid continued, Edward recalls staying out of harms way. "One of the 1st bombs hit the barracks next to us but behind us, killing one of our squadron members. Another member was killed in front of the barracks by the tail gunner in the strafing planes."

"In between strafing runs we left our barracks area and ended up in a NCO's house until the air raid was over. After the air raid we went to the air strip and began salvaging and getting planes ready to fly. Wheeler field lost 150 planes." Over the next few months his squadron was refitted back up to 25 planes and went to protect Kaneohe's Navy base - where the carrier planes trained. The squadron's next move was to Midway Islands, and after that they were stationed at Barking Sands on Kauai, then back to Oahu at Stanley Field. Edward was also at Haleiwa Air Field and Bellows Field. "All this time at Oahu our squadron was a training center for new pilots to go down to other pacific bases. From Bellows Field we went to Iwo Jima to support the Marine landing and secure the island. We stayed on Iwo Jima until the atomic bombs were dropped and ended the war. Our fighter planes escorted the B-29's during the bombing raids."

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