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Jerome K. Jerome




Jerome enlisted in the U.S. Army on October 1st, 1940. He was sent to Pearl Harbor on December 24th, 1940 where he lived in the Schofield Barracks. When the attack occurred he was in his sleeping quarters of the supply room of the company c, 65th engineers, 25th Infantry Division putting on his uniform. As the supply sergeant of my company I opened the supply cabinets to make available the machine guns, ammunition, rifles, and pistols to the men of our company. Being a Sunday most of the men were on pass to Honolulu and they trickled back all day to obtain their rifles, pistols, and ammunition and to report for duty. About 10am the company commander ordered me to obtain a truck and drive to retrieve all of our construction equipment from construction locations and return to the supply room which I did during the attack a navy anti-aircraft shell came down through the ceiling and floor of the second floor and made a large hole in the floor of the second floor. After the attack there were no loaded machine belts left and ready. My clerk and I spent hours loading machine gun belts into the wee hours. No time for sleep. Company commander slept on a pile of soiled bed sheets in the supply room from 3 to 5 am. After the attack I continued my duties as supply sergeant until I became a radio operator using portable communication equipment in June of 1942. December 1942 my company and division was deployed to the Solomon Islands, specifically Guadalcanal. December 1943 was deployed to New Zealand and then to New Caledonia. January 1945 was deployed to Luzon, Philippine Islands specifically Lingayan Beach. Early July, 1945 I was relieved of duty in the 25th infantry division and shipped back to the U.S.A. On July 21st, 1945 I was discharged from the Army in Fort Sheridan, Illinois.

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