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Marcel J. Brow




Brow enlisted in the US Marine Corps on March 28, 1941. After arriving at Pearl Harbor, he was assigned to the 3rd Defense Battalion Rear Echelon. When the attacks on Pearl Harbor began, Brow was on his way back from breakfast. "I laid on my back- heard the planes dive and the explosions- got up- saw smoke- planes banking. I was in communications- linesman, switch-board operator, all aspects. As a private, was available for anything else. The attack was at the ships- some planes came in high- some low. After we got ammo, we were able to shoot at the ones that came over the barracks- that was a confidence builder."

"My unit prepared for the invasion of Guadalcanal- although we didn't know it- my section landed on Tulagi- which was government seat for the Solomon Islands." After about 10 days, Marcel's unit was moved to Guadalcanal for the rest of its stay in the Solomons. "There were daily shellings and bombings; many of these were also at night- but then things eased a bit." After a battle in December, Marcel got malaria on "the Canal". He went to New Zealand when his unit was relieved by the Army. It was a time of re-equipment and a short rest before going back to the Solomons for the trip to Bougainville. That was where recurrent malaria caused Marcel to be evacuated back to the States. After hospital and leave and more training, he wound up on Guam, and he was training for the invasion of Japan when the A-bomb ended the war.

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