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George E. Belaire


George enlisted in the Marines on January 10, 1940. He arrived at Pearl Harbor on March 5, 1941 where he was assigned to the 1st Marine barracks. He didn't have duty the day of the attack so he slept longer than usual until the bombing started. He got his Springfield 03 and had to wait to receive ammo that was locked up in storage. Once he received ammo he went to Parade field and took certain position to see more of what was going on. Most of the attack was around the island and battleship row. His unit at the time was with the Rainbow Five: The 7th, the 6th, the 3rd, the 4th, and the 1st – at Pearl Harbor, Waho Island, Johnson Island, and Palmyra Island. After the attack he was sent to Palmyra Island – 850 miles south of Pearl Harbor, it was a defense for Pearl Harbor. In June of 1942 he was transferred to a new unit that was deploying to the Solomon Islands where they made 2 landings in 1943. In March of 1944 he went to the Marshall Island and landed on Eniwetok. Later in 1944 he went back to Pearl Harbor then to San Francisco where he started his 29 day leave in which he traveled to North Carolina and Virginia. In February of 1945 he was sent to Camp Pendelton where he stayed until he was sent to Okinawa. His first tour in the Pacific was 39 months long and his second was 10 months.

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