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Jury Expected to Get Koula Case Monday


LA CROSSE, Wisconsin (WXOW) – After three weeks of testimony, Eric Koula's fate could be decided by Monday night.

The 42-year old Koula is accused of killing his parents on the night of May 21, 2010.

Dennis and Merna Koula were each killed with a single gunshot wound to the head at their home in Barre Mills.

The Prosecution alleges Eric Koula's motive to commit the homicides was to collect an inheritance and solve his own financial problems.

After three weeks of testimony, which included two days on the stand from Koula himself, closing arguments are expected Monday and the jury will then begin deliberations afterwards.

Defense attorney Luis Delgado said the wait for the verdict promises to be gut-wrenching for both sides.

"That's the absolute worst part of a trial for me," Delgado said. "You no longer have any input. You no longer have any control. You can't ask any questions of the jurors, so it's not like trying to control a witness or get information out of a witness."

"Everything is done, all the evidence is in, so this is the time where you start going over the entire case and thinking what else you could've included, what you might've excluded," he said.

The jury will be sequestered for deliberations.

Koula is charged with two counts of first degree intentional homicide, as well as one count of uttering a forgery for misleading investigators and signing his father's name on a $50-thousand check.

Koula deposited the check the day after the homicides.

He faces life in prison if convicted.

News 19's Pete Zervakis has covered the trial since it began.

For updates from the courthouse Monday, follow him on twitter.com/wxow_zervakis.

You can also watch the closing arguments live here: www.wxow.com/live.

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