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Tribute on the USS Arizona Memorial


Honolulu, HI (WXOW)- The Wisconsin survivors attended a private ceremony on the USS Arizona Memorial where they paid tribute to Mark Schaitel.


One bell for one life. 40 in all for the Wisconsin men killed during the attack on Pearl Harbor. But on this day, the bell would ring 41 times. The final ring for Mark Schaitel. Navy Chaplain Jon Brzek lead the group in prayer. "Mark and all this faithful departed, may eternal rest onto them Oh Lord, and may perpetual light shine on them. May they rest in peace."

Mark Schaitel was supposed to be here, on the Arizona Memorial, with the other Wisconsin survivors. But on his way to Hawaii the Sparta native had a heart attack and died. Captain Larry Scruggs spoke of Mark's service. "Mark would not ask us to call him a hero. He would say 'I just did my job. I was taking care of my shipmates'. But I stand before you today to tell you the truth. Signalman 3rd class Mark A. Schaitel was a true American hero."

Although bonded by war, none of the other survivors knew Mark well. News 19's Amy DuPont spent some time with Mark before the group left for Hawaii. They asked Amy to accept an American flag on behalf of Mark's family.

An honorable tribute to a member of the greatest generation, who without question, fought for the cause and survived. A man who wanted so much to return to this place one last time with his brothers in arms.

Amy delivered Mark's flag to his family when the group returned from Hawaii.

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