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Jackson County Sheriff's Dept. Reviews Inmate Escape


Black River Falls, WI (WXOW)—The Jackson County Sheriff's Department is examining its procedures, and trying to learn from the case of the two escaped inmates.

The two men, 29-year-old James Newman and 18-year-old James Misleveck spent a week on the run before being captured in Florida early Wednesday morning.

"Our past dealings with this facility is those people are on the run and they're out of our county in a matter of hours," said Sergeant Patrick LaBarbera, of the Jackson County Sheriff's Department. "These gentlemen decided to stick around for a while and commit some horrendous crimes in Jackson County. You know, that's never happened before."

LaBarbera says despite the unique circumstance, the sheriff's department executed procedure to the best of their abilities to catch the two escaped inmates.

"We were able to deploy a number of individuals to that area in a short amount of time," LaBarbera said. "Our communication among law enforcement officers went really well."

And many Black River Falls area residents agree and say they're pleased with the authorities response.

"I pretty confident in our systems around here so I feel pretty safe," said Julie Dotz, a Black River Falls resident.

"They acted quickly and made sure everybody was safe," said Barb Kniess, who lives in Jackson County. "And made sure everyone nearby was out of harm's way."

Still, the sheriff's department is learning from the incident and says there is always room for improvement.

"The notification process, which seems to be a situation here that we may look at, like the Kwik Trip, the Walmart, Denny's, the Casino, those 24/7 type places, and giving them a heads up," LaBarbera said.

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