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Winona State President Living in Dorms


WINONA, MINNESOTA (WXOW)-- Schools are back in session and at colleges and universities that means attending class, but also getting to know the other students in the dorms.

At Winona State University some students found they have an unusual neighbor living in their building.

"I found out when I got here," Hannah Baker, a Winona State freshman. "He's actually my next door neighbor. So I was definitely a little nervous."

"When we moved in here, I found out and I definitely thought I might be a little more behaved," said Corui Miorkski, another Winona freshman.

Dr. Scott Olson lives on the 4th floor of Lourdes Hall at Winona State, but he's not a student. He's actually the president of the university.

"Pretty much, at first, my wife and my two daughters thought this was crazy," Olson said. "But now I think she likes it."

The new school president and his wife live among nearly 450 students. Olson says he thought it'd be the best way to get to know his new student body.

"We knew a lot about Minnesota, we knew a lot about the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System, but what we wanted to do was learn a lot about Winona State University, and we thought what better way than to spend a little time living here," Olson said.

Now that they've had a couple of weeks to get to know Dr. Olson, the students say they now think of him as just another Winona Warrior.

"He just feels like one of our friends," Baker said.

"I do think it's a good way for him to interact with different students," Miorkski said.

"He is subjecting himself to the same living as us, more or less. And he gets closer to the students so that should get him respected," said Nick Nelson, a freshman.

Still, the students wonder if the head of the school's apartment-style living space is a slight upgrade from their dorm rooms.

"We don't really know what it looks like in there," Baker said.

"I just wonder if he has air conditioning," Nelson added.

"It's true," Olson said. "I think I have one of the only units in the whole place that has air conditioning."

And while the students get to know their new president, Dr. Olson is learning about his new community.

"I've learned that these are great students," Olson said. "They're wonderful citizens of the town and of the university. And there's a real Winona Warrior spirit, that's what I've learned."

Olson says he's enjoying living in the dorms, but he and his wife are house-hunting and will be moving out in a few weeks.

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