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Oktoberfest Medallion Hunt-The Medallion Has Been Found

Dianna Hudson, Karen Black, and Lindsey Black Dianna Hudson, Karen Black, and Lindsey Black
Karen Black has participated in every Oktoberfest Medallion Hunt since 1979, and thirty-five years of experience paid off on Sunday night when Black and her daughters found the medallion at Veterans Freedom Park in La Crosse.  

Black and her two daughters, Dianna Hudson and Lindsey Black, said they were searching by flashlight when they found the medallion wedged between landscaping boards in the park.  

The three said they spent about an hour a day searching for the medallion, with many more hours of online research.  Still, Karen Black said, the hunt was on their minds constantly from the time the first clue was released.  Lindsey Black said that with the seventh clue, they realized that "a game that for many Americans is all for nought," referred to soccer, and the park's soccer fields.  But they found the medallion in Veterans Freedom Park when they realized that the park was previously a landfill, with the clue referring to "a repository spot."

Karen Black also found the medallion in 2001.  Dianna and Lindsey said about finding it for the first time, "it was amazing."  Dianna said, "At first you're like, you're so excited, and then you're like, I can't believe I just did that."  They said that even beyond the three of them, the hunt is a family affair.  Lindsey said, "A lot of the time it's more of the family: my dad, my niece, my brother if he happens to be up here."  Karen added, "We all talk about it, we all collaborate every year, on where we think it is and why we think it's there."  

Black and her daughters said the medallion hunt is their favorite part of Oktoberfest, and that they will be out on the hunt again next year.


LA CROSSE, Wisconsin (WXOW) - The 2012 Oktoberfest Medallion Hunt is underway.

The contest runs from September 17th to September 26th or until the medallion is found.

We'll post each day's new clue here on wxow.com during Daybreak.

Here is Clue #1:

It's "All About Fest" this year,
Prepare your maps and head out with no fear;
The medallion hunt is once again the game,
Sift through all the clues to sniff out this year's claim.

Clue #2:

Leaves green, yellow and orange under a crisp, clear blue sky,

Google, the Web and history will help you demystify;

Sit among the freshly fallen leaves,

Let's hope these early clues don't deceive.


Clue #3

Native names, a tool and color originate some of them,

For tourists and locals, these seven are a gem;

The main stream of transportation of years gone by,

The teens can make many things go awry.

Clue #4

White was dominant along with many another hardwood,

Six billion board feet was the Coulee Region's lifeblood;

Denton, Rublee, Colman and John Paul,

Just some of the names for the time's windfall.


According to the Oktoberfest staff, as in past years, the rules are the the same for those searching for the medallion.  Here are the rules:

§  is always located within the La Crosse city limits.

§  is never buried in the ground.

§  is always on public property.

§  is accessible 24 hours, BUT posted hours should be observed.

§  fits in the palm of a hand.

§  may be camouflaged.

The person finding the official Oktoberfest Medallion should call the number on the back of the medallion. The finder must wear an official, current-year Oktoberfest button to collect the entire prize package, which includes $500 cash, two tickets to the Festmaster's Ball, several gift certificates, and a miniature replica medallion, compliments of Satori Arts. The hunt is sponsored by Wipfli, LLP. Gift certificates have been donated by Downtown Mainstreet.

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