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Baldwin, Thompson speak at WCA Conference


LA CROSSE, WI (WXOW)—U.S. Senate Candidates Tommy Thompson and Tammy Baldwin spoke during the Wisconsin Counties Association Annual Conference at the La Crosse Center on Monday.

Among the topics they discussed was health care.

Thompson said he doesn't think what he calls a one size fits all health care plan is the way to go.

He said he wants states to have the right to be innovative.

"I think most people want to have complete control over who their doctors are, where their hospitals are, what sort of medicines they're going to take instead of the federal government telling you, dictating to you your doctor, hospital and so on," Thompson said.

Tammy Baldwin said patients can choose their doctor under the Affordable Care Act.

She said the act allows children to remain on their parents insurance until they're 26-years-old.

She said it also provides seniors free preventive care and ensures children with pre-existing conditions can get health insurance.

"What we have is a choice for voters this fall is between myself who is committed to working across party lines to put this into full effect and make it work for the people of Wisconsin and someone who would simply rip up the supreme court case," Baldwin said.

Baldwin said Badger Care and Senior Care are Wisconsin success stories.

"They are going to be essential parts of America's new health law when it's fully implemented," Baldwin said. "But, if my opponent insists on shredding up America's new health law and starting over we're going to have some real challenges."

Thompson said he wants to put the power in states hands not federal government.

"I want you and all of your viewers out there in the state to run the healthcare system," Thompson said.  "Like I did in Wisconsin, how I built Badger Care and Senior Care in Wisconsin is how I want to go. She wants the federal government."

Hearing from Baldwin and Thompson was only part of the agenda at the Wisconsin Counties Association Annual Conference on Monday.

Every fall, county officials from around the state meet to talk about issues facing their counties.

This year, about 600 county board supervisors came to La Crosse for the conference.

La Crosse hosted the conference three years ago.

Tara Johnson, La Crosse County Board Chair said that experience helped them this year.

"It is so nice for La Crosse County to show off among our peers," Johnson said. "I have talked to literally hundreds of people at this conference who say I love coming to La Crosse, you have a beautiful city. It's a great facility to host it."

County board officials will tour the 700 acre Mahogany Dairy Farm in Rockland on Tuesday.


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