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Guilty Verdict in Golatt Trial


LA CROSSE, WISCONSIN (WXOW)— A jury found Izelia Golatt guilty of first degree intentional homicide in the death of 35-year-old Kristen Rodgers. That verdict reached after a little more than two hours of deliberation.

Rodgers was found dead in a northside alley on March 6. According to police she was strangled.

Deliberations began about 3:00 Wednesday after both sides presented their closing arguments.

The defense rested Wednesday afternoon without Golatt testifying. Earlier, the jury heard the key testimony for the defense from a pathologist who said in her opinion, Kristen Rodgers death was the result of cocaine use and hypothermia.

Both the defense and the prosecution agree Kristen Rodgers used crack cocaine at various times in the 12 hours before her death. Wednesday's defense pathologist, Dr. Shaku Teas, said in her opinion there are not obvious signs of strangulation.

"My opinion is that Kirsten Rodgers did not die of strangulation there is no evidence of strangulation," Teas said. "The scene and histology are consistent with her having died from cocaine intoxication and hypothermia may have played a role in it."

However the Dane County medical examiner, Dr. Vincent Tranchida, testified Tuesday for the prosecution. He performed the autopsy and said the injuries on Rodgers were consistent with manual strangulation.

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