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COPY-Romney: A win in Pennsylvania would be a "shock"

PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- Mitt Romney is acknowledging that he has an uphill battle ahead in Pennsylvania -- telling supporters it would be a "shock" if he's able to overcome President Barack Obama's lead in the state.

Romney spoke to about 200 donors who each paid as much as $50,000 to attend a morning fundraiser in Philadelphia.

Later, at a rally at a military academy, Romney sounded a more optimistic tone, saying, "We're going to win Pennsylvania." He told the crowd, "The Obama campaign thinks Pennsylvania is in their pocket" -- but that voters would prove them wrong.

Romney aides privately concede that Obama has the advantage in Pennsylvania -- and they suggested that Romney's visit was largely designed to raise the money needed to narrow Obama's edge in more competitive states.

This was Romney's first visit to Pennsylvania in more than two months.

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