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Being outside may boost brain performance

ELBA, Minn. (KTTC) -- If someone tells you to take a hike, that might just be a good idea.  A new study shows being outside may just boost your brain performance.

It's certainly relaxing being among nature. But what if that time outside is actually helping your brain?

People may turn to the outdoors for a number of reasons.

"Came down for the day, doing a little hiking and I think I'll have a little picnic later on just to replenish myself," said Steve Wampler of Rochester.

But being active may be doing even more good than you think. A new study done by the University of Utah put this to the test. Dr. David Strayer tested the creative thinking skills of people on a four day backpacking trip. The professor found a 50 percent jump in creativity for the people who were on the trip compared to those that weren't.

"It's like a vacation you're totally away from everything and when the colors are like this, there's hardly any wind, no bugs, it's pristine," said Wampler.

Professor Strayer went on to say that on a hike, you are more aware of your surroundings and your brain becomes more active.

"You forget about everything else except the here and now which means that you are forgetting everything else that is in your life," said Wampler.

"Relaxes, the smells, pushing your feet through the leaves," said Deb Kronebusch. "It's a nice feeling."

But even if you don't have three or four days to go on a hike, just being outside away from the technology that surrounds us now seems to just do something to the mind.

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