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Part of Biden's speech at UW-L focuses on women voters

La Crosse, Wisconsin (WXOW) ------- Vice President Biden came to La Crosse to energize the democratic faithful but he took advantage of the college crowd at UW-La Crosse to make a co-ed connection.

Vice President Biden made it clear-women voters are important. "I want my daughters and granddaughters to have the same rights today and in the future at my sons and grandsons do."

The VP used much of his speech to convince the audience-women in particular-that he and the president support a women's right to choose and a women's right to equal pay.

Those words hit home for first year grad student Gina Montilino.  "I feel like I can really trust him when it comes to women's rights." Gina voted for the president 4 years ago. And after hearing the Vice President speak today about the issues that matter to her, Gina says she will vote for him again. "When he talks about women's rights he just seems very trustworthy, especially when he talks about his granddaughters and daughters. That really struck it with me." 

We are less than 4 weeks from Election Day. The Obama-Biden ticket is counting on the support of women like Gina to help them win this race.

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