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COPY-UPDATE: Thompson concedes Senate race

Democratic U.S. Rep. Tammy Baldwin has won Wisconsin's open U.S. Senate seat.

Baldwin defeated former Republican Gov. Tommy Thompson on Tuesday for a seat that's been held by Democrats since 1957. With the victory, Baldwin also becomes the first openly gay candidate to win election to the Senate.

The seven-term congresswoman from Madison built her campaign around the argument that the 70-year-old Thompson no longer spoke for Wisconsin residents.

Baldwin noted that the four-term governor, who hadn't been on a ballot in 14 years, made millions of dollars in the private sector off connections he made while governor and U.S. health secretary.

Thompson had attacked Baldwin as too liberal for Wisconsin, focusing on her position on health care reform.

 His defeat marks Thompson's first ever loss in a statewide election.


PEAWAUKEE (WAOW) - 8:00 p.m. Update The polls are now closed, and that means the doors at the Marriott in Pewaukee are now open to supporters.


Dozens of supporters filed into the grand ballroom at the Marriott West. Tommy Thompson is not expected to address the crowd until after the race is called.

Things were pretty quiet here after the 6:00 news and live shots but these supporters are fired up causing the volume and energy in the ballroom to rise. Most people are wearing "I support Tommy" buttons and are talking amongst each other.

All eyes are on the televisions watching those numbers roll in. Check back for the very latest as the ballots are tallied.


PEAWAUKEE (WAOW) - 5:00 p.m. Update Things inside Tommy Thompson's campaign headquarters remain pretty quiet as dozens of media outlets continue to set-up for the big night.

On the campaign trail, Thompson cast his vote earlier this morning in Madison. As he walked through, Thompson was heard telling supporters the importance of every vote.

Thompson is scheduled to arrive at the Marriott after the polls close.

Stay tuned to Newsline9 and for the very latest.


PEAWAUKEE (WAOW) - Former four-term Republican Governor Tommy Thompson says he's confident heading into Tuesday's election. Thompson is a familiar name to many in Wisconsin.

Throughout the campaign, Thompson has run on the message to help restore the economy by balancing the budget. Thompson has traveled the state during the last three months, spreading his message and meeting as many voters as possible.

In the August primary, Thompson beat out three other republican challengers, including businessman Eric Hovde, to take on Tammy Baldwin in this election. The seat became open after current U.S. Senator Herb Kohl (D) announced he was retiring.

Thompson's campaign headquarters will be located at the Milwaukee Marriott West in Pewaukee, WI. Newsline 9's Emily Neubauer will be there to bring complete coverage. Follow her @eneubauer_WAOW for all the latest pictures, and insight from inside Thompson's headquarters.

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