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Republicans regain majority in Wis. Senate


LA CROSSE, Wisconsin (WXOW) - Republicans will regain the majority in the Wisconsin senate once the next session begins.

The last time they had this majority was before the recall elections.

What will they do now that they earned it back?

After the recalls, several state Republicans, including Gov. Scott Walker, publicly said they're interested in working across the aisle.

"I think the question going forward is this competing temptation," said Tim Dale of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse political science department. "You have two years where you have control of state government, what do you do? Do you want legacy of really making your base happy, of doing what your party platform says? Or, do you want a legacy of working together?"

One hiccup for this strong Republican majority is the race in the 18th District between Democratic incumbent Jessica King and Republican Rick Gudex.

Gudex has claimed victory for the district representing areas of Fond du Lac and Oshkosh.

But his opponent has yet to concede.

Gudex shares 50 percent of the vote with King.

King's loss is defined by less than 600 votes. Once the votes are canvassed, she may order a recount.

An official win for Gudex could give the state Senate a wider Republican majority.

"People tend to put one party in charge when they have a unified-type government and say, ‘I want to see results,' and they're willing to switch back if they don't like the results that they get," Dale said.

A special election will take place in December for the 33rd District.

That senator represents an area of Brookfield that is often considered heavily Republican.

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